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Is Counseling for you?  Helpful Information

If you’re looking to make changes in your life or in your relationship, then you’ve come to the right place. I provide a variety of therapeutic approaches to best fit your needs, covering a broad range of subjects in the field. I specialize in Couples counseling, individual counseling, trauma, PTSD, infidelity, and grief.  Get in touch with any questions or requests you may have.

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Couples Counseling 

Do you ever wonder:

How long has it been since we have had a conversation without arguing?

How did our relationship become so distance?

What happened to our connection?

I miss him/her, even though we are coexisting in the same home every day.

You want to get those feelings back, have the ability to communicate effectively and to reconnect with your partner on a deeper, more loving manner.

                     You have come to the right place.

Relationships are not easy.  Sometimes they are full of hurt, disappointment, loneliness, neglect and a whole list of other thoughts and feelings that are not exactly what you signed up for or hoped for when you made a commitment to each other. 

                      Good news:  There is Hope!!

You can revitalize your relationship, learn to reconnect and build a deep meaningful relationship in spite of your history.   You can learn new skills to promote understanding, deal effectively with perpetual problems, and learn to recognize patterns of negative communication and conflict and develop healthy communication skills to handle conflict with love and respect.

                     Don’t throw in the towel.  Your relationship is worth the effort! 

The journey to rebuild your relationship requires desire, courage and commitment BUT what if you could get to that place where you find comfort, strength, passion and safety in your partner and your relationship with each other.

Is it worth it to you?

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Individual Counseling 

Do you ever think:

Why can’t I ever do anything right?

Why do I always feel less than enough?

What do I have to do to be accepted for who I am?

Why can’t I fit in like everyone else does?

Is it me? Am I just to sensitive?  Selfish? Asking too much?

I shouldn’t have said that, or done that or I should have____.  Always second guessing yourself.

We are driven by our genes to satisfy five basic needs: survival, love and belonging, power, freedom and fun. ~William Glasser

To be fully known and truly loved is what we need more than anything. ~ Timothy J. Keller

 We all want to be loved and accepted and to go through life happy and hopeful.  However, there are times in which we get a little stuck, discouraged, hard on our self and feel hopeless.  Therapy can help process these thoughts and feelings in a safe environment and get you to a better, healthier way of functioning.  We will work together to determine your goals, decide on an approach to achieve your goals and work at a pace comfortable but challenging for you.



Grief counseling is therapy with the goal of helping the individual process a loss in a healthy manner through expressing emotions, thoughts, and memories in a safe and accepting environment.  A loss can consist of many things other than the loss of a loved one.  The loss of hopes, dreams, pets, ideas, relationships are all losses that we grieve in one form or another.

There are many emotions and symptoms that can accompany a significant loss such as anger, anxiety, confusion, guilt, isolation, loneliness, numbness, sadness, shame and sometimes relief.  You may experience a lack of energy, become disorganized, have difficulty concentrating, eating or sleeping and lose a desire to socialize or interact with others.  Many of these symptoms may be part of the initial grieving process but with time may become more problematic.

Grieving is normal and should be honored.  Each of us grieve in our own way and counseling helps to facilitate the process.  However, there are times with the grief becomes overwhelming and impacts our ability to function in a healthy manner.  

Death and loss impacts each of us at some point in our life.  Suffering from loss and processing grief can be painful, overwhelming and some of the most difficult things we do in life.  Therapy can be helpful in moving us forward in all types of grief.

You do not have to grieve alone.


Trauma is the result of experiencing or witnessing a variety of things including disturbing, distressing or painful events. Sometimes the events are real or even imagined but continue to cause us to become “stuck” in the trauma.  It impacts our day-to- day functioning, our thinking, our ability to process thoughts, emotions and experiences.  We become overly reactive, cautious, anxious or fearful and may experience difficulties sleeping, eating or relaxing. 

Research indicates that therapy can help by processing those thoughts, feelings and experiences in safe and supportive environment with an approach that best fits the individual’s needs.

You DO NOT have to suffer.

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